November 9, 2022

EP. 178 — Nicole Felt ALL The Highs & Lows This Week

Some days go really well and some not so much. On a day where Nicole would’ve found comfort in lasagna, there was none available. Meanwhile, Sasheer learned how to swim this year and finally surfed for the first time ever. As best friends going through different ebbs and flows, they can at least both agree that cooking is weird. Nicole just started meal prepping and absolutely hates it, while Sasheer does not own a microwave. They take a quiz about what Thanksgiving feast they should eat to discover the absolute best thing about themselves, and producer Kimmie shares some delicious Midwest recipes!


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  Sasheer [00:01:09] Hello, Nicole.    Nicole [00:01:11] Oh, boy. I’m having a tough time. Gobble, gobble. Thanksgiving is coming. And speaking of gobble, gobble– I guess this isn’t a gobble, gobble thing. Well, gobble, gobble reminds me of eating, and my tummy–that’s where food goes.    Sasheer [00:01:25] Sure.    Nicole [00:01:28] I have, like, an itchy on it.    Sasheer [00:01:31] You have itchy on what?    Nicole [00:01:32] On my tummy.    Sasheer [00:01:34] Oh. Like a rash or a bite?    Nicole [00:01:36] I’m not sure, but it’s like–I would say–a nickel. I haven’t seen one in a while, but a nickel-sized, red area on my tum-tum. And it’s itchy. Somebody bit me, I think.    Sasheer [00:01:52] I think something bit you.    Nicole [00:01:54] I’m very upset. I don’t want to be bitten. What’s it called? Unconsented.    Sasheer [00:02:04] No

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