December 19, 2023

EP. 236 — Sasheer is Excited to Travel to Africa

Hey Friends! This week, Sasheer and Nicole wait for a dog to get hydrated before starting the show. Nicole knows that sometimes, dogs are thirsty because of Clyde. Sasheer gets an update on how Clyde is doing. Nicole misses Clyde but can’t travel with him because he bites. Sasheer is excited for their trip to Africa. Nicole is excited to meet the different animals. Sasheer has been wonderful with handling the itinerary. They are going on a train ride to visit different game drives, visiting the Devil’s Pool waterfall in Zambia and they’ll visit the Seychelles Islands. Nicole is getting a new phone so she doesn’t miss any of the animals. Sasheer wants to eat good food and be in the water. Nicole shares a story of her former co-worker Mr. Henry. Sasheer laughs at the time Nicole took food home from a suite at a Janelle Monae concert. Nicole also shares her frustration with the Delta Lounge and how early breakfast goes away. They take a Buzzfeed quiz and answer friendship questions about planning less expensive trips to visit friends as well as how to navigate a longtime friend turning verbally hostile.


This was recorded on November 16th, 2023.


Here is Quiz We Took:



Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions and “Is this weird” suggestion at:



  SASHEER: Hi.   NICOLE: Hi.   SASHEER: How are you?   NICOLE: I’m good. Did you get any socks or bucket hats?   SASHEER: Thank you for remembering my Christmas list. I’m gonna say maybe. Probably.   NICOLE: I’m still waiting on my Christmas wishes to come true.   SASHEER: Which was world peace, true love, and socks.   NICOLE: The most attainable thing–I ain’t got no socks.   SASHEER: Damn. I mean, I’m so sorry.   NICOLE: It’s okay. The dog is just living.   SASHEER: I know. Maybe when she’s full of water, she’ll chill out.   NICOLE: Maybe. Maybe she was just thirsty.   SASHEER: Maybe.   NICOLE: How funny. She’s like, “I will finish this bowl right now.”   SASHEER: She’s still looking.   NICOLE: So, there’s a dog where you are, Sasheer.   SASHEER: There is a dog where I am.   NICOLE: And that’s okay. Dogs hav

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