December 12, 2023

EP. 235 — Nicole Says 2024 is Her Year

Hello Friends! It’s close to the holidays so Nicole and Sasheer share what they want for Christmas. Sasheer knows the 12 days of Christmas song. Nicole feels like 2024 will be a great year. Sasheer thinks they should find gifts in an airport. Nicole thinks they should sing O Holy Night on the plane. Sometimes Nicole gets grumpy when people have fun without her. Sasheer admits, they can be those people ruining people’s time when they have fun. Nicole wants to get back into roller-skating. Sasheer tried skateboarding this weekend. Sasheer simply doesn’t want to wear jeans while Nicole gives herself JUST enough time to catch her flights. They answer your friendship questions about working with ex-friends at work and the best ways to keep friends who live abroad.


This was recorded on November 16th, 2023. 




The Twelve Days of Christmas was written by Frederic Austin.


No BuzzFeed quiz this week.


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:



NICOLE: Hey, Sasheer. You’re here.   SASHEER: Hi, Nicole. We’re on a roll.   NICOLE: Okay. That was good.   SASHEER: How are you?   NICOLE: Listen. I’m good. I’m thriving. I’m on the East coast. It’s a little chilly, gotta say.   SASHEER: Is this technically winter? Yeah. It’s wintertime.   NICOLE: Yeah, it is winter. ‘Tis the season.   SASHEER: I think, honestly, living in LA, I get confused about the seasons because I’m like, “Is it? Have the seasons actually changed? Did we reach fall? Did we reach winter?” So, in some places it’s actually winter.   NICOLE: It is. And I remember my first year in LA, I went to the bank for something. And there was a child in a costume, and I was like, “What? Why? It’s so hot.” And then I looked at my phone. It was Halloween. Sasheer.   SASHEER: Nicole.   NICOLE: Christmas is around the corner.   SASHEER: Oh,

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