February 20, 2024

EP. 245 — Sasheer is Hangry… Watch Out!

Hey Friends, and it’s a continuation of Black History Month. Nicole shares inventions made by black people. Sasheer shares how she had a perm in her hair for a while. Nicole shares her childhood experience of getting her hair done. Sasheer thinks she’ll continue to be late in celebration of Black History Month while Nicole will continue to talk at full volume in a movie theater. Sasheer is a porch person with a little bit of bike and Nicole is a bike person with a little bit of porch. Sasheer suggests Nicole get massages and she implements that. Nicole shares stories of Sasheer being hangry on their trip to Africa. Nicole recently discovered that she now likes pineapples.  No quiz this week but they answer your questions about falling in love with a best friend and getting back into the dating pool.



Top 10 Inventions by Black Inventors – https://www.country1071.com/2023/01/30/top-10-inventions-by-black-inventors/


The All-Black League That Invented Hockey As We Know It – https://defector.com/the-all-black-league-that-invented-hockey-as-we-know-it


The Kitchen – https://www.essence.com/hair/transitioning/how-manage-transitioning-edges-and-kitchens/#:~:text=For%20those%20of%20you%20unfamiliar,the%20back%20of%20the%20house.


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