February 27, 2024

EP. 246 — Nicole Would Come Back as a Quokka! w/ Flyana Boss

Hello Friends! We’re playing Besting Each Other with hip hop bestie duo Flyana Boss aka Bobbi and Folayan. Nicole and Sasheer are huge fans so we were so excited.  Bobbi and Folayan met at music school in Los Angeles and formed the group Flyana Boss and became best friends. Folayan’s favorite thing about Bobbi is that she is hilarious and Bobbi knows it. Bobbi loves that Folayan knows a lot about outer space and she’s good with personal space. Folayan wishes that Bobbi would tell her when something bothers her right away while Bobbi wishes Folayan was a bit easier to read sometimes. In 20 years, Bobbi wants them both to live on a farm, have families and be celebrating their 20 year tour. In 20 years, Folayan wants to have a tv show, production company and lots of money.  Tune in to find out how they did on besting each other!


This was recorded on Feb 08th, 2024


Check out  Flyana Boss’s new single “Candyman”:



Check out Flyana Boss on their 2024 Bosstanical Tour:



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