May 9, 2023

EP. 204 — Sasheer Looks Like an Elegant Tennis Ball

Happy Birthday Sasheer! This week, Nicole and Sasheer discuss how much Sasheer loves her gift from Nicole, if “Cynthia” is lying to Sasheer, Nicole’s desire to visit the insurrection monument (the capitol building), a man who yelled at a baby on a plane, and more. We debut a new segment – “Is this weird?” – where listeners send us things they do that their friends and family think are odd/unusual; such as friendship tiers and sleeping naked except for socks. Finally, we get an update on our listener who didn’t want to invite her best friend’s husband to her birthday, and help a listener on how to talk to a boss with a bad dog.


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions/ “Is this weird” suggestion at:



  [00:00:11] NICOLE: Sasheer! Your birthday came and went! It’s May 10th.   [00:00:16] SASHEER: It sure did. And boy, was it a good one. Thanks so much for the gift you got me.   [00:00:20] NICOLE: Oh, no problem. I searched high and low. And I said, “What can I get my dearest friend?” We’re not going to tell anyone what it is because it was a surprise to you.   [00:00:34] SASHEER: It was a surprise. But, boy, was it expensive.   [00:00:41] NICOLE: It was so expensive. I have to sell all of my belongings now. I’m deep into debt because I got you the most expensive present for your birthday. I can’t believe it. Wait. Sasheer, have you had a dog?   [00:00:56] SASHEER: A hot dog?   [00:00:59] NICOLE: Yeah.   [00:01:03] SASHEER: Oh, I was like, “Have I had a dog? In my life? Have I owned a dog?” I see. Have I had any of the hot dogs that you sent me?   [00:01:11] NICOLE: Yes.   [00:01:12] SASH

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