May 16, 2023

EP. 205 — Nicole Goes Up The Pole Like A Lil’ Honeybear

Did you know how many teeth dogs have? We didn’t! But now we all do! This week, Nicole and Sasheer discuss the surprisingly big teeth market, why Sasheer trusts Billy Mays, the murder of crows outside of Sasheer’s house, and the trick to going upside down in pole. We take a quiz where we make a sandwich to see what 2000s rom-com we should watch, and answer listener questions about how to deal with loneliness within friendships, and dealing with a difficult friend-triangle.


Here is the quiz we took:


Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions/ “Is this weird” suggestion at:



  [00:00:11] NICOLE: Hi, Sasheer!   [00:00:12] SASHEER: Hi, Nicole.   [00:00:13] NICOLE: Oh my God. Guess what? Have I talked to you about Clyde’s teeth?   [00:00:17] SASHEER: No, you have not.   [00:00:20] NICOLE: They took 11 of his teeth, and I was like, “It’s so many teeth.” And when they said it was 11, I was like, “So does my dog… Is he Toothless? Does he not have nary a tooth?”   [00:00:36] SASHEER: How many teeth did he have?   [00:00:36] NICOLE: I don’t know. But they took so many. And then he came home, and he was loopy because they had to put him under anesthesia. And he kept trying to jump on me but then, like, falling down. And I was like, “This is cute, but also devastating.” Oh my God, they have 42 teeth.   [00:00:55] SASHEER: That’s more than us.   [00:00:56] NICOLE: That’s so much more than us. How many do we have?   [00:00:59] SASHEER: 32. I think

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