October 18, 2022

EP. 175 — Sasheer May Be Joining the Spectacle Brigade

Nicole has questions for Farm Rio: she loves them, but what is her true ordering size? Sasheer watched Dahmer and both she and Nicole agreed – yikes! However, they do like Joe and are excited for YOU. They take a quiz about what their eyes say about them, and lastly answer some questions with their natural -born leader abilities.


Here is the quiz from this week:



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BF-175-20221002-JDv02-DYN.mp3 Nicole [00:00:11] Hi, Sasheer. Sasheer [00:00:13] Hi, Nicole. Nicole [00:00:14] How are you? Sasheer [00:00:16] I’m good. How are you? Nicole [00:00:18] I’ve got thoughts. Okay. So, I bought a FARM Rio sweatsuit. It’s oversized; it fits. I bought an oversized dress; it doesn’t fit. I don’t understand FARM Rio. I don’t understand why they won’t do plus sizes. They have the resources! They know how to do it! Just make it! Sasheer [00:00:37] Whoa. She came in hot. Nicole [00:00:41] Hot! Also got around to watching American Gigolo. Wow, wow, wow–is it confusing. And a lot is happening. Sasheer [00:00:50] Well, just from the description that you told me, it sounds very confusing. A gigolo gets accused of murder and then wants to go solve the crime? Nicole [00:00:59] Yeah, and there’s Wayne Brady and Rosie O’Donnell there. It’s a wild pilot. And also, the wildest part of the pilot is that song 

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