October 25, 2022

EP. 176 — Nicole Is Still Delighted About THAT SLAP

Sasheer proposes Nicole to D.A.R.E. to not have B.A.D. cigarettes. Nicole is on the hunt for an inexpensive thrusting type thing, perhaps a sex doll AI? Although Nicole is afraid of AI, she can be swayed! They take a quiz about what delicious and full of autumn spice treats they are, review the queries, and receive friendly reminders highlighting some memories from not TOO long ago.


Here is the quiz from this week:



Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:




BF-176-20221009-JDv02.mp3 Nicole Byer [00:00:11] H. E. L. L. O! Sasheer Zamata [00:00:17] Wasn’t there a commercial–a Jell-O commercial–that was like… Okay. I might be wrong, but in my memory, it’s like, “J. E. L. L. O! It’s alive!” Nicole Byer [00:00:28] Yes, there was, Sasheer. And I think they’re referencing the jiggle of the Jell-O. Sasheer Zamata [00:00:35] “It’s alive.” Nicole Byer [00:00:37] It’s alive. And we all swallowed it up. Sasheer Zamata [00:00:41] This living thing. Nicole Byer [00:00:45] “J. E. L. L. O. It’s alive!” It’s funny because I feel like I have been imprinted with a lot of commercials and don’t really remember them until someone says something that really, like, stirs it up. And I’m like, “Oh!” Or the Hess Truck where, like, you had never heard of the truck. But it made such an impact on me. Sasheer Zamata [00:01:09] It really did. Nico

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