July 18, 2023

EP. 214 — Sasheer Saw Usher in Vegas! – LIVE

This week, Sasheer & Nicole are LIVE from Largo @ The Coronet! Hot off their Vegas Girls Trip, Sasheer and Nicole tell us all about their adventures. Sasheer screams with excitement for a stripper during Usher’s concert. Nicole drove a Lamborghini on a race track. Sasheer got trash in her eye during the Chris Angel Magic show. Nicole makes people do a standing ovation for Cirque Du Soleil performers.  Sasheer surprised Nicole at the Flamingo Casino and Hotel. Nicole got the Magic Mike experience she always wanted. Sasheer also got a Magic Mike experience, this time with Ester.  Plus, we answer a question from someone who can’t fit their old couch in their new apartment and audience questions!



@20:23 – Chris Angel Mind Freak Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5gK2MxGR0M


Here is the quiz we took:



Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions and  “Is this weird” suggestion at:




Jordan [00:00:07] Welcome to the Best Friends Podcast. Please give a warm welcome to Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata!     Nicole [00:00:36] Oh no. Are you okay? Drink up. Drink up. Oh no. Oh, are you all right? S     Sasheer [00:00:46] Something went down the wrong pipe. That was a horrible way to come out. I was choking on the walk.     Nicole [00:00:51] Were you?     Sasheer [00:00:52] I’m okay, though.     Nicole [00:00:53] Why didn’t you say, “Stop the walk”? I guess that would have been insane.     Sasheer [00:00:58] No, no, it’s fine.     Nicole [00:01:01] Thanks for coming out.     Sasheer [00:01:05] That’s Nicole Byer.     Nicole [00:01:05] That’s Sasheer Zamata.     Sasheer [00:01:06] And this is a live recording of our podcast called Best Friends.     Nicole [00:01:21] Yeah, I know what we’re doing.     Sasheer [00:01:25] Look at these sweaters that Nicole brought.     Nicole [00:01:28] Sash

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