July 25, 2023

EP. 215 — Nicole Says ‘The X Games Ain’t Your Momma’s Olympics!’

Hey there friends. This week it’s all about sports?! Sasheer is trying to boogie board. Nicole thinks there needs to be more events at the X Games. Sasheer would do rallying at the X Games while Nicole would do freestyle BMX biking. Both Sasheer and Nicole learned about professional tag and red rover. Nicole shares her love over a specific cereal brand while Sasheer shares info about what it takes to adopt a bird since holding a bird is on Nicole’s bucket list. Plus, we answer a question about a friend trying to navigate a friend’s partner’s perception of their friendship.




World Chase Tag USA 2021https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrNIdKtj8pU


Here is the quiz we took:




Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions and  “Is this weird” suggestion at:




Sasheer [00:00:03] Hi, friends. This is Sasheer. Do you ever say to yourself, “I love hearing Nicole and Sasheer talk to each other each week, but I’m dying for more content?” Well, you’re in luck. I’m coming out with a new stand-up special where I’ll be talking uninterrupted for an hour. This is the first special I’ve produced, and I’m so excited for you to see it. If you want to contribute, it’ll be available on the 800 Pound Gorilla website in a pay what you can model starting August 15th. And then it’ll be free on YouTube starting August 29th. Thanks again for supporting me, Nicole, and our show–but mostly me. Thank you so much.   Nicole [00:00:53] Hi, Sasheer.   Sasheer [00:00:54] Hi, Nicole.   Nicole [00:00:56] What’s going on?   Sasheer [00:00:58] Well, what’s going on with you? What is this energy? What is this? Very presentational right now?   Nicole [00:01:05] Oh, I don̵

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