December 12, 2022

EP. 349 — Saving Feet, Saving Souls (Live from Durham)

If you heard a blood curdling scream, what would you do? A man tells the story of what he did for a stranger who severed his foot mowing the lawn. He also describes his annual camping trip where he invites 100+ people and doesn’t tell them where they’re going. Later on, he shares with Geth what his cat Santa taught him about love.


Chris [00:00:07] Hello, Motorco Music Hall. It’s Beautiful/ Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred. Hey everybody, it’s Chris Gethard. Welcome to another episode of Beautiful/ Anonymous. Thanks to everybody who listens, supports the show, who has kept this thing running for six years now. Six years. I hope we can keep it going for many, many more. Wanna let everybody know I got live shows coming up December 16th. I’m going to be at Littlefield for the late show. So early show stand up, late show improv. December 16th. Come on out. for tickets. Now this week’s episode, we just recorded this one live down in Durham, North Carolina. People came out to the Motorco Music Hall. It was awesome. And this call has three major sections. One, you’re gonna hear about this caller stepping up in the face of something unexpected and and that makes the world feel insane. And one of those situations where sometimes you step up, sometim

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