Sheer Will of Force and Salsa

Sklarbro Country #196 April 25, 2014

Renaissance man T.J. Miller has been killing it on HBO’s Silicon Valley and he’s returned to the calming shores to give us a behind the scenes run down of the incredibly well written/casted & hilarious Mike Judge TV show. T.J. describes Mike Judge’s intense attention to detail towards a character, what it’s like to act alongside a fantastic roster of comedic actors, and why luck ultimately makes a TV show really work. Before getting into a round of Quick Hits, T.J. gets into some of the very interesting experiences he had working with Michael Bay & Mark Wahlberg while filming Transformers 4 such as Michael fighting a real house fire. Later, Jesse “The Body” Ventura sheds some light on the mystery surrounding the death of The Ultimate Warrior from his secret bunker in Mexico. Enjoy your trip to the calming shores and make sure to head on over to Netflix to stream The Sklar Brothers’ one hour special “What Are We Talking About” right this very minute! Don’t forget to pick up the album available on iTunes Tuesday, April 29th!


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