December 4, 2020

EP. 208 — Shifty Wigs (w/ Brandon Kyle Goodman)

Casey and Danielle break down the recent, shocking BREAKING HOUSEWIVES NEWS and then warmly welcome a kindred spirit and fellow Housewives scholar, the hilarious and lovely Brandon Kyle Goodman. He shares not only an alma matter with the girls but a gratitude for Karen Huger marching out of her own wig strip mall “launch” party as well as a deep fascination with Mary M. Cosby and her daytime luncheon which took place, as Brandon described it, “at high noon.” Casey and Danielle share their own Favorite Things List ala Oprah to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Enjoy! 


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June 2, 2023

Casey and Danielle bid farewell to Earwolf the only way they can, by drinking coke and talking shit. Like James Kennedy, they are storming off, but like Sheana Shay they are only 100 yards away at We love you all, see you there!

May 30, 2023

Casey and Danielle sit down with Dr. Jenny Segal of the Metropolitan Dermatology Institute to talk about all the things we should and should NOT be doing with and to our skin to look and feel our best. She gives affordable solutions and ideas so that everyone can look like a million bucks. We hope you enjoy this excerpt. The rest can be found on Casey and Danielles Garbage World.

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Casey and Danielle are over the moon to talk with their lord and savior Andrew Cohen, in front of a live audience, about his new book The Daddy Diaries. They get down to to some of the nittiest of gritties with him as he answers questions like “which housewife is the biggest “leaker?” and “Is there something “Tender” going on with him and Anderson?” and  “Which Vanderpump cast member he would F, Marry or Kill?”. All that, plus some of his VPR reunion thoughts and whether Teresa and/or Melissa are coming back next season…it’s a doozy. 

And of course, go to to see our new home after June 2! More links and info in our instagrams @caseyrosewilson and @daniellecarolineschneider

With thanks to the recording team at the Live Talks Los Angeles event at Aratani Theatre in downtown Los Angeles