September 2, 2021

EP. 74 — Simon Amstell

Comedian, host, and writer Simon Amstell joins Jameela this week to discuss his being a shy child finding his voice in theater, the way his sexuality played into his struggles with shame and lack of self-confidence, his experiences with Ayahuasca and how it helped him get to the root of his depression, what a “spirit hole” is, and more. Go to to check out Simon’s upcoming tour dates for his new show – Spirit Hole.


Jameela [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, I hope you’re well. Sorry about my voice, even though it’s very sexy, obviously, I think we can all agree. But I’ve just been very upset for a matter of days about what’s happening in Texas and that we weren’t able to stop it. Regarding Roe v. Wade, the complete rollback of reproductive rights that was so hard won for such a long period of time. And how we’re reading today about Florida investigating how to do the same. How it was done in the middle of the night amid a huge climate crisis, amid a pandemic, amid so much political chaos, how they used a weaponized all of this destruction to be able to sneak off and steal from 50 percent of the population, it is not pro-life. It is anti the life of the people you are forcing into sacrificing their bodies and sacrificing their futures and sacrificing their lives, in many cases, especially people who don’t have mo

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