Sklarbro County 121

Sklarbro Country #216.5 September 16, 2014

Who Charted’s own Kulap Vilaysack joins the County boys to tell us all about her documentary Origin Story on this week’s Sklarbro County! Kulap takes us behind the scenes as she talks about how she found out that the father who raised her wasn’t her biological father, the moment she decided to travel to Laos to meet her real father, and documenting the her journey. Daniel Van Kirk is with us always to bring us crazy stories which include a Florida suspect who was busted because of some kittens & the announcement of the Olive Garden “Never Ending Pasta Pass.” Plus, Doug Buffone joins us in the studio to talk about the Bears victory & his documentary about George “Papa Bear” Halas.



Be sure to check out the new trailer for Kulap’s documentary, Origin Story at, and support the project by going to its Indiegogo fundraising page:



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