Sklarbro County 32

Sklarbro Country #127.5 January 1, 2013

Let Sklarbro County be the warm shower that washes away 2012 and brings you into the New Year! Fellow Earwolf podcaster Har Mar Superstar is back to join the County gang to expand the “I Want My Baby Back (Ribs)” song, tell us how he started touring with The Strokes, and what he does to take care of himself after a long night of drinking. Dan Van Kirk helps us ring in the new year with some crazy stories involving; a drunken woman who exposes herself and licks restaurant patrons, a Bremerton man accused of slipping meth to his wife, and a man who robbed a bank 55 minutes after being released from prison. Plus, Steven Seagal lets us know how he’s still dealing with Black Friday with a voicemail. Have a safe New Year, punch a waterfall, and lick a tattoo!

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