Sklarbro County 48

Sklarbro Country #143.5 April 23, 2013

Lady energy is all up in the County as the incredible improviser/writer Tami Sagher stops by! Tami tells us about her last performance on the Second City mainstage, having an amazing time writing for 30 Rock, and embarrassing herself the first time she met Steve Buscemi. Dan Van Kirk also brings us some crazy stories such as; a lady in a sumo suit attacking her ex with a Smirnoff for flirting with a man dressed as a candy bar, a man who fakes a robbery to avoid telling his wife he blew $1K at a strip club, and a 86-year-old Millville man who fights a robber for hours. Plus, Hall of Fame announcer Pat Summerall sent us an extremely crazy voicemail from beyond the grave. Don’t forget to get your tickets to see Randy & Jason live this Thursday at the Comedy Bar in Toronto and at The Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase on Friday, April 26 & Saturday April 27th!

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