Sklarbro County 58

Sklarbro Country #153.5 July 2, 2013

Phenomenal stand-up/podcaster Dave Anthony joins us this week in walking the county!  Dave explains the beauty of texting during big games, tells us about his latest/first stand-up album, “Shame Chamber” (which ranked #1 in Australia), and gives us a heads up on where to jump in on the very funny/honest podcast he co-hosts with Greg Behrendht, Walking the Room. Dan Van Kirk is also here with some good ol’ county madness which includes stories such as; a Florida man beaten, robbed, & stripped naked on a first date, a naked man who was revving a motorcycle being shut down in Vero Beach, and a Cartersville man with no pants who said he wanted to ride horse nude. Plus, the now official ambassador to North Korea, Dennis Rodman drops by the studio to share his thoughts on Scottie Pippen’s recent post sushi skirmish in Malibu.

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