Sklarbro County 81

Sklarbro Country #176.5 December 10, 2013

The sharp witted Moshe Kasher of The Champs podcast tell us about his run ins with Sinbad on this week’s County! Moshe also tells us about the slow burn he experienced with his Netflix special “Moshe Kasher: Live In Oakland,” the explosive comedy set of Charlie Barnett on Def Comedy Jam, and the one time he was with a woman who was too rough for him. Our buddy Daniel Van Kirk is also here with crazy stories that include a Florida woman who viciously attacked a man after their first date because he wouldn’t call himself her boyfriend, a husband who is selling both his motorcycle and wife on Craigslist, and a Fargo man who was arrested for using a flamethrower to clear snow. Later, we check up on how Bruce Jenner is holding up this holiday season. Make sure to check out Daniel Van Kirk’s NFL column over at and don’t forget that you can now get your tickets for the Sklar Bros one-hour special tapings at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI. Also, the brand new Sklarbro County shirt is available in the Earwolf store just in time for the holidays!

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