April 14, 2023

EP. 158 — Sophia Bush

Actor and activist Sophia Bush joins Jameela this week to discuss her love of activism from an early age, their shared frustrations at women being pitted against each other, how to engage with people who are getting very different information than you, finding hope for change, and more.


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  [00:00:00] Jameela Hello and welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jameela Jamil, a podcast against shame. I hope you’re well and I hope you enjoy today’s episode because you’ve been asking me to interview this guest for years and I’ve been trying. But our schedules have been very difficult to align because she’s very talented and beautiful and cool and kind and humble and in demand and well-informed. And I love her. I’m in love with her. I think that’s what I’ve just realized. I’m in love with her. But her name is Sophia Bush, and she is one of the great entertainers of my generation and someone that I think we are all collectively, madly in love with. During her nine years on One Tree Hill. She has gone on to not only be an actor, but a great podcaster. She’s a wonderful podcast, called Work In Progress, which kind of deals with some of the same issues as this podcast does. And she’s a phenomenal advocate a

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