September 14, 2021

EP. 91 — Stress Relief, Pt 2

This week we finish breaking down “Stress Relief”. In a continued effort to relieve the office’s stress, Michael demands a comedic roast of himself; meanwhile Pam, Jim and Andy finish watching the very saucy film, “Mrs. Albert Hannaday”, starring Jack Black, Cloris Leachman and Jessica Alba. Jenna does a deep dive on Cloris Leachman, the ladies share stories of acting on a sitcom vs a single camera comedy, and Angela reveals that Angela Martin’s comedic inspiration is Jeff Foxworthy. Then “The Office” writer’s assistant, Nate Federman, sends in a clip sharing his cameo experience as the young man Jack Black catches passionately kissing Cloris Leachman. So sit back, relax and get ready to scream, “Boom. Roasted!”

Check out Rick Overton’s comedy special, “Set List”: 


OFFICE-091 – Stress Relief, Pt 2 [00:00:04] Jenna I’m Jenna Fischer. [00:00:05] Angela And I’m Angela Kinsey. [00:00:06] Jenna We were on The Office together. [00:00:07] Angela And we’re best friends. [00:00:08] Jenna And now we’re doing the ultimate Office rewatch podcast just for you. [00:00:12] Angela Each week we will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you. [00:00:19] Jenna We’re the Office Ladies. Welcome, welcome. It’s Stress Relief, part two. [00:00:27] Angela Part deux. [00:00:29] Jenna Oh. [00:00:29] Angela Is that. [00:00:30] Jenna We’re going to be here to refined today. [00:00:32] Angela Part dos. [00:00:34] Jenna Oh. [00:00:36] Angela Third language. Indonesian. Part Duot. [00:00:38] Jenna We are a classy show. This is Season five, Episode 15, written by Paul Lieberstein, directed by Jeffrey Blitz. Let me give you a summary. Last week, if

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