October 3, 2022

EP. 339 — Succeeding At Failure (Live from Edinburgh)

Chris speaks with a young woman who purposefully set herself up for a year of failure to develop a thicker skin. She shares her experiences trying stand-up comedy, MCing a parade, and getting rejected by a dating show. She also wrote a letter to Jason Sudeikis asking if he’d go bowling with her. Did he ever receive her request? Geth texts Jason to find out. She also opens up about getting divorced and how a year of rejection helped her deal with anxiety and depression.


Chris [00:00:04] Hello. Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s Beautiful/ Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred. Hi, everybody. Chris Gethard here. Welcome to another episode of Beautiful/ Anonymous. You’re going to hear a live episode today. It was one of the tapings we did at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Thanks to everyone who came out in Scotland. This- you’re going to hear- it’s crazy. I’ll talk more about it in a second. I just want to say, you’re also going to hear that it’s a lot of fun. I have a good time with the live shows. And guess what? This episode is coming out on October 3rd, 2022, and I’ve got some live shows coming up on October 6th, 7th, and 8th. The sixth, I’m in Madison, Wisconsin. The seventh, I’m in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The eighth, I’m in Chicago at The Hideout now. Ticket sales for Chicago, very good. We’re doing the early show, Beautiful/ Anonymous taping with all three of th

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