March 9, 2023

EP. 153 — Surviving to Thriving with Tara Schuster

Author & former development exec at Comedy Central, Tara Schuster, joins Jameela this week to discuss surviving a neglectful childhood, the need to re-learn worthiness, the importance of owning and affirming your own experiences, learning to separate internal validation from external validation, gratitude practices, and learning the importance of stardust.


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  Jameela Intro: Welcome to another episode of I Weigh with Jamila Jamil, a podcast against shame. Happy International Women’s week and month and day. I hope you had a nice day when it happened. I always find it’s a bit awkward because I hope that we don’t need a day soon that would be ideal for me because we’re being just sort of you know celebrated and protected and acknowledged every day. I think that’s a while away judging from the headlines at the moment. anyway. I I love you and I hope that you give yourself grace. I hope you give others grace during this time. I hope it’s just a nice reminder for us to remember to celebrate ourselves treat ourselves with kindness really look at how fucking amazing we are given all this shit we have to go through, and I hope you are just treating yourself and nourishing yourself as much as possible. Just engage in pleasure. I think that’s what this time is best for, for me. It’s just reminding

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