March 2, 2021

EP. 67 — Survivor Man

This week we’re breaking down Survivor Man. When Michael is excluded from Ryan’s corporate camping trip, Michael ventures out into the woods and goes on his own solo camping adventure. Meanwhile, Jim tries to consolidate the office’s birthdays. The ladies break down Dwight’s menagerie of weapons, they talk about using tiny potatoes for bird eggs and Angela gets personal about birthday cakes. This episode is like a montage of birthday celebrations and you’re invited!


OFFICE-067-20210204-SurvivorMan-SKv02.mp3 Jenna [00:00:03] I’m Jenna Fischer.  Angela [00:00:04] And I’m Angela Kinsey.  Jenna [00:00:06] We were on The Office together.  Angela [00:00:07] And we’re best friends.  Jenna [00:00:08] And now we’re doing the ultimate Office rewatch podcast just for you.  Angela [00:00:12] Each week we will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you.  Jenna [00:00:19] We’re the Office Ladies. Hi, everybody.  Angela [00:00:26] Hello.  Jenna [00:00:26] Are you guys ready for this episode today, Survivorman?  Angela [00:00:31] Do you have your duct tape?  Jenna [00:00:33] Oh, boy.  Angela [00:00:37] That’s probably… oh man. Do you have your duct tape and a Ziploc bag full of- what were those- peanuts?  Jenna [00:00:40] I have so many questions about it. Pellets? Granola?  Angela [00:00:44] We don’t know. And maybe

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