October 30, 2023

EP. 214 — Telemarketers w/ Sam Lipman-Stern

What’s poppin’ Con-gregation? In a first in Scam Goddess history, we have the scammer who was a part of the scam on the show! Sam Lipman-Stern, Creator, Executive Producer and Director of the HBO hit Documentary “Telemarketers,” recounts the wild story of how he worked for Civic Development Group (CDG) who used fraudulent telemarketing practices to get money for charities and police organizations. Stay Schemin’!


@ 1:22:14 Sam mentions Nomorobo.com, an app that helps catch scamming telemarketing calls.


This was recorded on September 18th, 2023.


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Research by Kaelyn Brandt



HBO’s docuseries “Telemarketers”







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