That’s So Selleck!

Sklarbro Country #72 December 9, 2011

If you love Sklarbro Country but not enough to get a tattoo of Randy and Jason, listening to this week’s episode is a good enough gesture. Our guest is The League’s Steve Rannazzisi who talks to us about his background in theater and improv and who shocks us with the fascinating story of why he left New York City. First time guest Tim Gunn calls in and puts us in a headlock with his secret athletic prowess, concluding this knock-out episode. If you live in Chicago be sure to see The Sklars this weekend at the Mayne Stage theater, and if you live elsewhere why not leave them an early Hanukkah present in the form of an iTunes review! This episode is sponsored by audible. Support Sklarbro Country and get a free audiobook at

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