August 8, 2023

EP. S2E55 — The Great Pee Conspiracy w/ Anna Drezen

Who likes Bluey more: kids or adults? TV writer Anna Drezen discusses her new animated show ‘Praise Petey’ and counts down her favorite cartoons including Hey Arnold, BoJack Horseman, and a charming blue heeler. Ashley and Anna also do a deep dive on the My Strange Addiction pee drinkers episode, erotic James Corden fan fic, and lies they told on TV message boards.


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Anna Drezen [00:00:06] I’m a Bluey adult. Have you watched Bluey at all?   Ashley Ray [00:00:09] I have watched Bluey because a lot of people with children have been like, “No, I’m telling you, it is good stuff.”   Anna Drezen [00:00:17] I know a lot of people with children who are like, “I can’t get my kid to watch Bluey.” But all of my friends who don’t have kids are like, “It’s so good.”, We’re, like, all reparenting ourselves through–   Ashley Ray [00:00:25] Yeah. I feel like I’m feeding my inner child in a way that’s like, “Oh my gosh. Right.” What’s up, TV Club? Welcome to TV, I Say–your go-to podcast for when you’ve hit rock bottom on every streaming platform. I’m Ashley Ray. And as you just heard today, I’m chatting with comedian Anna Drezen. Anna’s written on TV shows that I can’t mention because we support the strike he

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