August 9, 2013

EP. 4 — The Knowledge Zone

Owen & TJ return and this time they have some company. TJ is finally out of prison and brings his friend Jeffrey Detrick 411 Ground & Pound (Jake Johnson) to kick some knowledge about Egypt, investing in candy, and education. We then hear how TJ & Jeffrey go way back as they discuss the George Zimmerman verdict and why Detroit went bankrupt.

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January 4, 2017

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October 21, 2013

Owen & TJ are ready to discuss the recent U.S government shutdown until they are quickly interrupted by Leonard (Ian Roberts), a mentally challenged member of TJ’s new posse. Will they be able to stay on topic or will they instead focus on the 11 year old boy TJ & Leonard have been mentoring? Tune in to find out!

April 10, 2013

EP. 3 — Toilet Wine

It’s been a while but Owen & TJ are back! Unfortunately, TJ had a little too much “fun” and is calling in from Florida State Prison. That doesn’t stop them from covering the recent news stories involving the long term effects of Sequestration, the North Korean nuclear missile threats on the United States, and restrictions on firearms in Connecticut.