March 14, 2023

EP. S2E34 — The Last Of Oscar-Us w/ Matt Apodaca & Cody Ziglar

To break down Sunday’s mega The Last of Us & Oscars double feature, Ashley called upon your favorite video game/TV experts Matt Apodaca (Get Played) and Cody Ziglar (Futurama, Spider-Man: Miles Morales). The Oscars didn’t change Ashley’s opinion that TV is better than movies, but Matt and Zig do manage to get Ashley hyped for more potential TV adaptations of video games. Plus, Ashley reveals what she would’ve done in Pedro Pascal’s position at the end of The Last Of Us (Hint: “PUT HER ON THE TABLE!”)


What We Watched:

The Last of Us

The Oscars 2023


Farmer Wants A Wife

The Simpsons

Daisy Jones and the Six


Poker Face

Back in the Groove

Chainsaw Man


Video Game Homework:
God of War

Disco Elysium



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[00:00:26] ASHLEY RAY: Okay. TV Club, I am so, so excited for this episode. There was so much TV this past Sunday. We got a lot to get into. There was the Oscars and more importantly, for us TV folk, The Last of Us finale. Who cares about that movie thing? Oh, movies are so important you had to make a TV show about it? Exactly. Exactly. And my guest today, I had to bring in Cody Ziglar, Matt Apodaca–two amazing, amazing people. Look, I don’t know anything about the Last of Us video game or really anything that is cool. So, I had to bring in people who are cool and know about cool things. You know, Cody. He’s an Emmy-nominated writer/producer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Futurama, Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, also former Earwolf producer and legend, according to my producer. And Matt–comedian, writer, producer, co-host of the popular Get Played podcast, and a current Earwolf producer.   [00:01:20] MATT APODACA: That’s right. Still trying to cement

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