April 11, 2023

EP. 200 — The One Where They Made 200 Episodes

They said we couldn’t do it, but we did! Happy 200th episode of Best Friends! This week, Nicole and Sasheer share their favorite moments of the podcast, we listen to your favorite moments, and talk about fun memories from making the show. Some highlights – the Forrest Gump recap, Sasheer is getting the salmon, best ad moments, and more. Plus, we check back in on how people are washing themselves, and learn about a tangible way the show has helped someone. We love our listeners – thanks for listening, and here’s to 200 more!


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  [00:00:10] Nicole: Happy 200th episode, Sasheer!   [00:00:14] Sasheer: Happy 200th episode, Nicole! We did it!   [00:00:19] Nicole: They said we couldn’t do it! They said we’d never make it! But we fucking did it, bitch!   [00:00:29] Sasheer: We showed them. So aggressive.   [00:00:31] Nicole: Yeah. All those motherfuckers who said we couldn’t do it! We talked ourselves silly! We’ve done 200 hours of this podcast! Oh, boy. So, in honor of our 200th episode, we asked our listeners–our loyal besties… I don’t know. I don’t know what to call them. To submit their favorite moments of the show.   [00:01:01] Sasheer: Yes. Do you have any favorite moments off the top of your head?   [00:01:05] Nicole: Probably when I thought I was getting a chicken tattoo because I forgot I liked ducks.   [00:01:11] Sasheer: Yes, that was a really good one. That was very fun.   [00:01:14] Nicole: Do you have a favori

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