October 4, 2022

EP. S2E11 — The Queen Sugar Episode w/ Bianca Lawson & Ashley’s Mom

It’s the TV Show that changes lives! Ashley’s guest is Bianca Lawson who plays Darla on the complex family drama Queen Sugar by critically acclaimed director Ava DuVernay. You’ll hear more about filming through the pandemic and what’s in store for the final season of Queen Sugar. But the expert on Queen Sugar is none other than Sharon Harris, Ashley’s Mom! You may know Ashley’s Mom from Storytime with Seth Rogen’s episode ‘Hey Me’ (go queue up that episode right after this one) but today she joins Ashley to run through their Watchlist and share more about what to watch next.

What We Watched:

Queen Sugar

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After

90 Day: The Single Life

Saturday Night Live

Dateline Investigation Discovery


Perfect Strangers

Mike – The Mike Tyson Miniseries


Bob’s Burgers

Great North

Abbot Elementary

Home Economics


Welcome to Flatch


Life After Lock Up

Kevin Can F*ck Himself

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