August 3, 2021

EP. 86 — The Surplus

This week we’re breaking down The Surplus! When Michael announces to the Scranton Branch that they have a surplus, the office fights over whether to use the leftover money to buy new chairs or a new copier. Meanwhile Dwight “helps” Angela and Andy plan their wedding. Angela tells us about shooting on Disney Ranch which was once known as Golden Oak Ranch, Jenna does a deep dive on Iowa State Farm’s butter sculptures, and the ladies gush over one of the best Hank scenes in the entire run of The Office. But most importantly, it’s Angela’s work birthday! Will she actually get a cake at work this year?


OFFICE-086-The Surplus [00:00:03] Jenna I’m Jenna Fischer. [00:00:04] Angela And I’m Angela Kinsey. [00:00:06] Jenna We were on The Office together. [00:00:07] Angela And we’re best friends. [00:00:08] Jenna And now we’re doing the ultimate Office rewatch podcast just for you. [00:00:12] Angela Each week we will break down an episode of the office and give exclusive behind the scenes stories that only two people who were there can tell you. [00:00:19] Jenna We’re the Office Ladies. [00:00:24] Jenna Hello, everyone. [00:00:26] Angela Hello, you guys. [00:00:27] Jenna Today is a very special day. [00:00:30] Angela Yes. [00:00:31] Jenna It is the last day that Angela will be in her 40s. [00:00:36] Angela It is you guys. I am forty nine staring at 50. By the time you guys hear this, I’ll be 50. [00:00:43] Jenna Yeah. [00:00:43] Angela That’s crazy. [00:00:44] Jenna You’ll be a hot 50 lady. [00:00:46] Angela Ooh, hot 50. [00:00:48] Jenna I was

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