May 23, 2023

EP. S2E44 — True Crime Time w/ Liza Treyger & Kara Klenk

Comedians and amateur detectives Liza Treyger & Kara Klenk (That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast) join TV Club to talk about all things true crime—from Scandoval to college sex cults to the wildest episodes of Law & Order: SVU. Plus, we check in on this season of Yellowjackets and a conversation about Peacock’s “Who Killed Robert Wone?” leads to a lesson on electromagnetic ejaculation.

What We Watched:
Vanderpump Rules

Who Killed Robert Wone?

Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence


Law & Order: SVU


Law & Order: SVU Watchlist

Zebras (S10E22)

Wildlife (S10E07)

Raw (S07E06)

Damaged (S04E11)

Babes (S10E06)

Mean (S05E17)

Stranger (S10E11)

Identity (S06E12)

Sacrifice (S03E07)

Night (S06E20)



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