June 20, 2022

EP. 324 — Two Married People Have An Affair

Chris speaks with a man about having an affair with a married woman he met at work and the aftermath of his decision. He opens up about getting divorced and losing friends. He also shares how his bipolar disorder affected the marriage and the importance of focusing on his mental health now.


Chris Gethard [00:00:05] Hello to everybody who enjoys my work a little inappropriately. It’s a Beautiful/Anonymous. One hour, one phone call. No names, no holds barred. Hello. It’s Chris Gethard. You’re listening to Beautiful/Anonymous. I feel so lucky that you’ve tuned in. Thanks for downloading the episode. Thanks for checking out the show. Thanks for supporting it. Thanks for telling friends about it all these years in. We still get to do this. Still get to feel the love, the enthusiasm, as we bring these human conversations to the world. And I know because I tell you what, I’ve been out there on the road and I’ve been meeting people who still listen to the show actively. I’ve been doing the live shows. Last week we we had one of our live shows. We released our show from Ann Arbor at the Big Time Goof.  And I tell you, the comments came in on the Facebook group, and I watched them with with glee. We had people saying it’s it’s

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