April 5, 2020

EP. 11 — We All Have HPV (w/ Beverly Ginsberg)

“If I’m on my deathbed, bring on the horse tranquilizer. That’s the way to go out.” Joined by parenting expert, Bev Ginsberg, these two Jersey girls get on a soapbox explaining life to our millennial producer. “I’m 70 years old – gimme a good time!” Bev has a bone to pick with Anne Frank. Yes, she’s gonna start a twitter feud with the ghost of Anne Frank. If you enjoyed this episode, tune the heck in to Bev’s new podcast THE HUMAN CONDITION. It’s a hoot and a holler and just what you need this quarantine szn.

**DISCLAIMER** first of all, this was recorded BEFORE coronavirus. Vicky has not been out werking. Nobody has. Second of all, cocaine is bad. Especially during a respiratory pandemic. Stay safe and avoid horse tranquilizer. 

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January 17, 2021

Finishing up season one of Doing Great, we have long time friend, queen and legend, Ongina. You know her from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 1 and season 5 of AllStars. “If people knew even a little of what happens backstage, they wouldn’t like it.” Tune in for a joyous kiki and the bittersweet end to a fabulous year of Doing Great. 

Vicky and Clementine would like to thank everyone who listened to the show. You’re all doing great!

January 10, 2021

“Look how strong you are now that you’re vulnerable!” In a daring attempt to provide you lovely listeners with interesting content in this, the second week of 2021, we’ve completely turned the tables and flipped the script to give you a full episode of Vicky being read. And who is doing the reading? Alex The Medium is a spiritual advisor and psychic medium who joins us with his spirit friend Kazoo to give Vicky an insightful and at times clairvoyant reading. Tune the heck in!

January 3, 2021

All the way from their couches to you, The Doughboys’ Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger join Vicky to chat everything from sleep habits to LeBron James. Are you afraid of ghosts? Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?! Do you think Santa is sexy?!? Tune in for why Vicky likes European McDonald’s and how Marie Kondo is the best. 

The Doing Great with Vicky Vox team wishes you a Happy New Year and requests the most benevolent outcome for 2021.