May 4, 2021

EP. 211 — What Was Canada Up To During The American Revolution? with Professor Jeffers Lennox

This week on Getting Curious, things are looking up: to Canada! Professor Jeffers Lennox joins Jonathan to discuss early Canadian history, including British, French, and Indigenous relations in northeastern North America; Canada’s role in the American Revolution; Canada’s confederation story; and what the deal actually was with Benedict Arnold.


Jeffers Lennox is an associate professor of History at Wesleyan University. His current book project is North of America: British Provinces, the Revolution, and Creating the United States (under contract, Yale University Press).

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Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness & Jeffers Lennox JEFFERS LENNOX [00:00:52] Thank you so much for having me. This is a real thrill. JVN [00:00:55] This is where the origin story of my curiosity for this episode came from. I need you to know. I was minding my own business, learning about what a day in the life of, like, Philadelphia was in 1775 when I learned from this historian that Canada was also, like, a colony, like, you know, the 13 Colonies, honey. They were like, “We want to break away,” and Canada was like, “Honey, this is too problematic for us.” And other than, like, not Justin Theroux but Justin Trudeau being very attractive, I don’t know enough about my origin story of, it’s not mine, I don’t know enough about the origin story of Canada. And that’s where you come in. JEFFERS LENNOX [00:01:35] Fantastic. Well I’m happy to help and you fall right into the trap that I give my students when I say: “How many colonies were there a

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