Wheaties Box

Sklarbro Country #56 August 19, 2011

NBA Lockout got you feeling down? Sad about getting kicked off of your high school football team? Did a member of the U.S. Ski Team recently urinate on you? Well we have an episode sure to cheer you up featuring the delightful Rob Delaney. The Twitter superstar charms us with the unbelievable story of how he went from Sir Lancelot to accountant to television writer all while finding time to sing at Fenway Park! Rob’s unstoppable positivity even wears off on Bruce Jenner who seems to be in great spirits for his daughter’s wedding. Not even a frivolous Village Person lawsuit or ridiculous Ron Artest news can get our mood down! Don’t forget to watch Rob’s Ma Men video and tell us what you think on the Earwolf Forums!

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