March 1, 2022

EP. 254 — Why Is Olive Oil So Extra? with Professor Selina Wang

This episode’s dedicated to our main squeeze: olive oil. Professor Selina Wang joins Jonathan to discuss olive oil varieties, processing, and fraud—yes, fraud! Plus, Jonathan gets clarity on why they can’t bear to eat an olive but can’t get enough of olive oil.


Prof. Selina Wang is an Associate Professor of Cooperative Extension at the Department of Food Science and Technology at UC Davis. Her mission-oriented research and teaching focuses are food quality and purity; fruit and vegetable processing; and food sustainability.


You can follow her on Twitter @SelinaWangPhd and Instagram @profselinawang, and keep up with her work at Her lab is on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube @UCFoodQuality.


Want to keep up with all things olive oil? Professor Wang recommends reading the Olive Oil Times.


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Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness & Professor Selina Wang   JVN [00:00:00] Welcome to Getting Curious. I’m Jonathan Van Ness and every week I sit down for a gorgeous conversation with a brilliant expert to learn all about, all about something that makes me curious. On today’s episode, I’m joined by Professor Selina Wang, where I ask her: How did olive oil become the complex, stunning, multidimensional creature that they are today? Welcome to Getting Curious, this is Jonathan Van Ness, I am so excited for this week’s topic. The IT is olive oil. The WHO is Dr. Selina Wang, who is an associate professor at UC Davis in the Department of Food Science and Technology. Between 2011 and 2022, Dr. Wang was the research director of the UC Davis Olive Center. Welcome. How are you, Dr. Wang?   SELINA WANG [00:00:53] I’m good. Thank you so much for having me. My students are so excited, so thank you for helping me to increase my coolness factor.   JVN [00:01:03] Oh my g

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