August 1, 2022

EP. 330 — Young Guy With A Positive Attitude

Wrist surgery turned into something more serious and his dog lost a leg to cancer, but that won’t keep this caller down. Geth speaks with a 25-year-old about how growing up without a ton of money and selling homemade yarn balls to pay for summer camp shaped his positive outlook on life. He shares stories about delivering Peloton bikes to billionaires, working in real estate, and growing up in a religious household. He also opens up about getting married young and proudly describes his wife as “badass” for becoming a commercial pilot.


Chris [00:00:04] Hello to everybody who flies out of their own backyard. It’s Beautiful/ Anonymous. One hour. One phone call. No names. No holds barred. Hi, everybody. Chris Gethard here. Welcome to another episode of Beautiful/ Anonymous. I hope you’re doing well. And hey, if you’re in the UK, if you’re in Scotland, I’m there. By the time you have heard this, I have landed in Edinburgh. I’m doing my new show, A Father in the Sun. That’s my stand up show. Later this month, we’re doing four Beautiful/ Anonymous tapings. Ticket sales for all of those are at And hey, if you’re coming through the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I can’t tell you how much I’d love to meet you. Come say hi. Do it up. Keep the plugs short and sweet. I got to uh I got to let you know about this week’s episode. Man. It’s a fun one. This dude made me feel really… Good. You’re just going to agree right away. The en

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