Anders Holm

Anders Holm is one of the creators and stars of Comedy Central’s Workaholics.

Guest Appearances

February 20, 2022

Actor/comedian Anders Holm joins Scott to talk about his role in the Netflix mini-series Inventing Anna, Ghostbusters, and the important topics he and his Workaholics co-stars discuss on their podcast This Is Important.

October 2, 2018

This week’s guest is Anders Holm from Game Over, Man and Workaholics! He tells Lapkus & Gabrus how Rushmore inspired him to start writing comedy and where VH1 Pop-Up Videos got their facts from, before they watch some classic Liquid Television. Plus: a new improvised sitcom with Paul F. Tompkins, “Pressing Charges!”

March 13, 2018

Sean and Hayes welcome ANDERS HOLM from the new show Champions on NBC into the studio to talk about a certain kind of script that is interesting.


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December 14, 2015

LIVE from Largo in Los Angeles, Anders Holm of Workaholics joins Paul, Jason, and June to discuss Shaquille O’Neal in the 1997 superhero film Steel. They’ll talk about the lethargic action, how much Shaq weighs with the steel armor, Shaq’s non-sexual relationship with Sparks, and Judd Nelson as the villain who refers to himself as “The Man.” Plus, everyone encounters the very first sleeping audience member during Audience Q&A!

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January 8, 2015

2015 is starting to look like the year of first timers as Anders Holm of Workaholics and Mike, Steve, and Steve of the Rock ‘n’ Roll band American Football join Scott for a B-B-B-ONUS-S-S-S episode of Comedy Bing Bong! We’ll hear some amazing acoustic performances from the guys of American Football as well as hear all about the upcoming 5th season of Workaholics. Later, the legendary John Lennon of The Beatles makes a rare appearance to give everyone tips on playing music and to join in on a game of Would You Rather!

May 20, 2014

This week on Hollywood Handbook, Hayes and Sean start off with a segment called “I Gotta Raise” where they talk about their kids and their own upbringings: Sean on a farm and Hayes in a fire station. Then, friend ANDERS HOLM stops by to talk to the guys about the truth about Mimby, his salesman dad, living on the Eastside, and business cards. Also, Anders reveals the sweet story of how he lost his virginity. Then, the guys do “Pitch Stop”,  a segment where they do a fake pitch to Anders and they end the show with the world’s shortest Popcorn Gallery.