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Anna Salinas is currently a performer on Harold team Loverboy and a writer on Maude team Mama at UCB-LA. She is also one half of the sketch duo John Baxter (with fellow latina Heather Alarcón Higginbotham) and a member of the all-latinx improv team Menudo. Her credits include UCB Sketch Showdown, Legitimate Goddamn Theatre, Save Florida!, Cagematch, and a recurring role on TVLand’s Throwing Shade. She also creates a daily webcomic on Instagram about depression, anxiety, and cheese-related problems, which you can find @badcomixbyanna. Anna is repped by Jayme Yarow at Thruline. For more information, visit:

Guest Appearances

October 27, 2022

After losing a battle with a young Earthling armed with nothing but a hatchet on a rope, the Predator Hunting League hold a post-game press conference on their planet, Yautja Prime. Interviews with the coach of the deceased Predator hunter (Ben Rodgers); the widow (Anna Salinas); the league commissioner and planet’s Minister of Defense (Joel Spence); director of hunter technology (Billy Merritt), and cocky newcomer Predator hunter (Mookie Blaiklock) next up to battle Earth. The press conference gets hot covering topics such as the eating owners’ wives scandal; the skull helmet injuries controversy; the new season of Real Predator Hunter Wives; Predator planet SNL hosting rumors; and criticism over too much rattle snake killing.

March 29, 2020

Cody Ziglar (The Dark Weeb, She Hulk) and Anna Salinas (Foghorn) join Edgar and Jacquis to chop it up like friends do! They talk about canceling at the last minute, testing your significant other, and more!

September 11, 2019

Brandon Gardner, Anna Salinas, Mia Schauffler, and Frank Garcia-Hejl join Matt Besser for scenes about visiting an IKEA cafeteria, family holiday traditions, and a grandma catcher. Later, fourth graders show off their questionable Halloween costumes and Paul McCartney performs at a middle school dance.



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February 3, 2019

In the spirit of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, the Florida-cast, hosted by Heather Alarcon Higginbotham and Anna Salinas, examines the many wonders and mysteries of the sunshine State. Harnessing all the power that their Central Florida AM station can afford, they feature cover a wide array of Floridian topics, with field pieces, in-studio interviews, and more.


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