Annie Särnblad

Annie is certified in the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) and can numerically code the 10,000 muscle combinations in human expression. She has developed her own simplified, easy-to-absorb teaching techniques for reading facial expressions based on the knowledge she accumulated living abroad for 25 years in nine countries while studying eight languages through immersion.
Annie has a Masters in Cultural Anthropology and started her career as a strategic advisor to Fortune 500s, startups, and family offices. She spent two decades in Europe and Asia coaching CEOs, management teams, and boards and sitting in on high-stakes negotiations.
Annie’s clients currently hire her as a strategic advisor and/or for microexpressions training for their businesses. Her clients end up finding her coaching transformative in both their professional and personal lives.
Annie’s teaching methods involve interactive, playful elements—an approach that works well for busy professionals who often have short attention spans and limited time.
Annie has written two books: Diary of a Human Lie Detector: Facial Expressions in Love, Lust, and Lies, which uses autobiographical pieces and marked-up photographs to teach facial expressions; and The Facial Expressions Glossary: Business Edition, which focuses on the 30+ facial expressions to look for during a negotiation.

Guest Appearances

January 30, 2024

Jameela is joined by author & anthropologist Annie Särnblad – known as the human lie detector – who has built her career starting in anthropology and corporate strategy to being Facial Action Coding System (FACS) certified, meaning she can decode 10,000 muscle combinations in human expression.