Clive Revill

Clive Revill

Clive Revill is a New Zealand-born character actor best known for his performances in musical theatre and on the London stage.

Guest Appearances

Collected Stories Vol. 3: The Best of I Was There Too

I Was There Too #60April 26, 2017

Once again Matt has lovingly pieced together a collection of the best anecdotes told on I Was There Too about experiences on the set of the Star Wars trilogy, Back to The Future, Die Hard, and many more. You’ll hear from Steven…


The Empire Strikes Back with Clive Revill

I Was There Too #48October 26, 2016

On the second of three very special Star Wars trilogy episodes of I Was There Too, Matt is joined by Clive Revill who voices The Emperor in the pre-special edition 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back. Clive tells us about how director…

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