Danielle Pinnock

Danielle Pinnock is an American actress, writer, and comedian. Pinnock is a main cast member on the CBS series Ghosts, where she plays the 1920s Prohibition era jazz singer “Alberta.

Guest Appearances

December 11, 2023

What’s Poppin’ Con-gregation? This week, Danielle Pinnock & Jack Wallace join the show to discuss how Bill Pallot, one of the most famous men in the French furniture world, admitted to police that he had forged at least four chairs built for France’s royal household.

September 27, 2022

Sassy sidekicks? Token best friends? Not in 2022! This week, we’re talking to two superstars who are bringing main character energy to roles previously left in the margins. This episode Ashley has brought comedian & writer Nori Reed to join her for the Watchlist – all the TV we’re currently watching – but also to talk about the first trans character Nori created for Disney TV Show Raven’s Home. Then for the final act, you’ll have Danielle Pinnock of CBS’s Ghosts! Do you miss NBC’s Superstore? Well, Ghosts is one of Ashley’s new favorite ensemble comedies on the block. Danielle tells us how she brought Alberta to life and what it was like shooting in quarantine. There might even be some season two secrets!

Watch Season 5 of Raven’s Home on Disney now and Ghosts Season 2 on CBS.

What We Watched:

Raven’s Home

The Office

The Rehearsal


Harley Quinn



The Anarchists

Mind Over Murder



Good Omens
Bob’s Burgers
The Great North
Last Week Tonight

House of Dragons (or The House of the Dragon)

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April 11, 2022

What’s poppin’ con-gregation? This week, Danielle Pinnock joins us to discuss Nakesia Washington, a scamming travel agent who specialized in planning trips for the Essence Festival, only to leave clients high and dry. Plus, romance fraud is on the rise and one man sends nearly $500,000 to a love interest he never met. Stay Schemin’!


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