Gilli Nissim

Gilli Nissim is an LA native and never left because it’s nice here actually. She has performed comedy all over the country and can be seen regularly at the UCB theater with her house team Winslow. After a late start caused by her thinking she was meant to be an actor, lol, Gilli has written for comedies like Pretty Smart, AP Bio, and The Other Two.

Earwolf Presents

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Earwolf Presents is back with a brand-new limited comedy series every month. No big celeb names here, just Earwolf bringing you the funniest people in comedy.

Guest Appearances

February 22, 2024

This week, Gilli and Jake delve into the topic of how we present ourselves to this gross world we live in.

February 15, 2024

This week on “We’re Gross”, Gilli and Jake take on the nice light topic of death. Jake and Gilli write and share obituaries for one another, along with what they hope people will say about them at their own funerals.

February 8, 2024

This week on “We’re Gross”, Gilli and Jake talk relationships which includes an interview with Jake’s dad and author, Mark Jabbour!

February 1, 2024

This week, Gilli and Jake tackle what we find sexy and ugly with guest Lilan Bowden (Disney’s Andi Mack, AsianAF, UCB).

April 9, 2018

Oui oui! Gilli Nissim (We’re Gross With Gilli Nissim) joins Zach and Jess this week for a Parisian musical filled with red balloons / ballons, Jacques and Claude, a virtual reality Costco, …and twins! With songs like “North Dualstar”, “At The Party City ” and “Say Goodbye To Rouge Balloon”, you’ll have 99 reasons and more to love this show. 

This episode is brought to you by Spice Islands ( and Acer ( code: OFFBOOK).

September 28, 2016

Debate season has begun, and Mark and Pete have invited celebrity campaign surrogates Lena Dunham (Gilli Nissim), George Clooney (Dhruv Uday Singh) and returning favorite Gennifer Flowers (Jamie Denbo) to discuss the first Clinton-Trump face off. Who gave Trump cocaine before the debate? Who will admit they own slaves? Who will admit they had a recurring role on One Life To Live? Who will get shot before the episode ends? All this and more will be revealed. Wooh!

This episode is brought to you by DecodeDC and Dollar Shave Club.