Jeffrey Ross

Jeffrey Ross has served as Roastmaster General for the Comedy Central roasts of William Shatner, Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump, Pamela Anderson and more. While he’s contributed to shows like Live at Gotham and The Daily Show for years, he only recently had his first ever comedy special which was titled No Offense: Live from New Jersey. If there is a celebrity to be mocked, you will not have to look far for Jeffrey.

Guest Appearances

June 9, 2019

Comedian and Roastmaster General Jeff Ross returns to the podcast (along with special drop-in guest Dave Attell) to talk about performing in the age of political correctness, using comedy as a teaching tool, the lesser-known stand-ups of the ’50s and ’60s and the Netflix series “Bumping Mics” and “Historical Roasts.” Also, Aretha Franklin flips the bird, Jeff takes down Jerry Lewis, Dave gives props to Steve Martin (and Rod Serling) and the boys remember the never-aired New York Friars Club roasts. PLUS: “The Omega Man”! Uncle Miltie whips it out! Gilbert boards the Maxi-Bus! Dave launches a new series! And Jeff pays tribute to the late, great Don Rickles!

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June 10, 2016

Jeffrey Ross is known worldwide as The RoastMaster General for good reason. Jeff joins Randy and Jason to chat about taking The Comedy Store’s Roast Battle on the road to becoming a TV show for Comedy Central, performing at one of his first ever roasts for Steven Seagal at the Friars Club, being terrified roasting inmates while filming his special “Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail”, and his latest experience roasting law enforcement for his special “Jeff Ross Roasts Cops.” Later, we call up Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys to see what’s going on with the NFL. Plus, Jeff roasts The Sklar Brothers with one singular joke!

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February 4, 2013

Aren’t you glad that the Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross and Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith are making their Comedy Bang Bang debut!? That’s not all, Sarah Silverman joins us to sing some of her telegrams and author Cam Billmoth reads an excerpt from his new book Letters To Mom. Plus, we play a heated game of Would You Rather? and Ron treats us to a song from his new album “Forever Endeavour.”

December 23, 2010

Sklarbro Country returns to it’s athletic roots with Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner and black belt (slash Roastmaster General) Jeffrey Ross. Jeff takes us through his career from his stand-up origins to his favorite roast jokes such as this rare gem from the roast of Emmitt Smith. He holds court with Randy and Jason as they Sklarbitrate the case for Fed-Ex heir Cannon Smith and figure out what in the world Paris Hilton needs with a motorcycle racing team. We catch up with Bruce Kardashian, I mean Jenner, and his version of reality-show stardom. Fill your boring holidays with fun through Prediculous and email us with your names for the Rocky theorem. Folks!