John Cochran

John Cochran is the winner of Survivor: Caramoan and is a writer for The Millers on CBS.

Guest Appearances

John Cochran Again, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #98August 25, 2015

The boys spill some secrets from your favorite Hollywood celebs.  Then, JOHN COCHRAN is back on the show to set the record straight about exactly what's going with his mom, his time on Survivor, what he did with that sweet prize money, his…


John Cochran, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #36June 10, 2014

Hayes starts off the show discussing the special surgery he had to get on his arm for a part, and he and Sean discuss the most important thing that's been left out of the #YesAllWomen movement. Then an all-new Teaser Freezer breaks down the…


This Is Rude

Sean and Hayes talk about what projects they worked on over the show's four-week hiatus. They pick apart some unfair criticism of one of the Big Brother housemates and recap the rivalries on this season of MTV's The Challenge. Then Survivor winner…

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