Jon Dore

Jon Dore is a comedian who will soon have the same grasp on the U.S. as he does on his homeland of Canada. In Canada he was a correspondent for Canadian Idol, had a Comedy Now! special and even had his own show The Jon Dore Television Show. Since reaching the shores of America he has appeared on Conan, How I Met Your Mother, and his very own Comedy Central Presents. He’s not from around here, guys, so let’s all be extra nice and welcoming to him!

Guest Appearances

October 29, 2018

Comedian Jon Dore chats with guest host Samm Levine about their shared past, Canadian holidays, and Jon’s new Comedy Central special, “Big Questions, Huge Answers”.

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January 10, 2017

Comedian and actor Jon Dore joins the Sklars for the final episode of Sklarbro County! They celebrate the end of an era by having Jon tell the tale of his poker-induced seizure before diving into Stories. Daniel Van Kirk opens with a personal account of having crashed an Austin Bachelor Ball. Jon shares his epic ongoing text exchange with Todd Glass, we hear about a mystery nightclub pooper and a katana crack party, and finally, Mark Wahlberg closes the show with a voicemail congratulating the Sklars on the new series.

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January 6, 2015

Happy new year, blastronauts! David Huntsberger starts it off with a solo episode where he translates morse code and analyzes the popularity of Serial. Then, Canada’s finest Jon Dore and Eddie Della Siepe join David to talk about Canadian and American generalizations, policing, insurance, religion, the comedy world, tobacco, government, and much more!

December 27, 2014

The Sklars start off the show with football players who murder animals and the controversy over Cardinal’s Quarterback’s who would like to spread the word of Jesus. Then, Randy and Jason welcome to the show Jon Dore, who helps explain what Mumps is and how to prevent it. Also, Jon details life as a Canadian comedian and participant of Christmas and potlucks. Then, the whole gang reminisces about their glory days in the little leagues. Later, in a special edition of Christmas quick hits, Dan Van Kirk covers headlines that include a man getting struck by lightning, flight attendants who abuse professional athletes’ personal spaces, and a man who smacks people with bowling bowls. Lastly, the worlds friendliest TSA employee, Michael Kissick, calls in to share some holiday travel advice.

Check out a man getting struck by lightning here:

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June 10, 2014

The voice of Canada, Jon Dore returns to Sklarbro County and that can only mean one thing. BRANDON’S GOTTEN SO BIG! Jon joins the County boys to go through some of Daniel Van Kirk’s amazingly crazy stories as well as talk to the real Brandon. Oh, you better believe they get to the bottom of how big he’s gotten!


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Cards Against Humanity

July 3, 2013

Howie and KuKu welcome the hilarious Jon Dore to the show for the very first time on this week’s WHO CHARTED! Jon talks about fine Canadian cuisine, almost spoils a future classic Howard story and may or may not be on Vicodin. The Billboard Hot 100 chart is discussed, as are situations in which to use “bum” rather than “butt”, and Daft Punk are heralded as having one of the only real “summah” songs of 2013. Howard sings all the theme songs live in studio, and we end the episode by taking questions from live VPN viewers.