My Lady Mumps

Sklarbro Country #231 December 27, 2014

The Sklars start off the show with football players who murder animals and the controversy¬†over Cardinal’s Quarterback’s who would like to spread the word of Jesus. Then, Randy and Jason welcome to the show Jon Dore, who helps explain what Mumps is and how to prevent it. Also, Jon details life as a Canadian comedian and participant of Christmas and potlucks. Then, the whole gang reminisces about their glory days in the little leagues. Later, in a special edition of Christmas quick hits, Dan Van Kirk covers headlines that include a man getting struck by lightning,¬†flight attendants who abuse professional athletes’ personal spaces, and a man who smacks people with bowling bowls. Lastly, the worlds friendliest TSA employee, Michael Kissick, calls in to share some holiday travel advice.

Check out a man getting struck by lightning here:

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